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2nd house Your sister, brother, or noisy neighbour? Know when to stop: If a planet needs to make an aspect to several other planets before reaching the planet you want it to reach, this is interference. Rule Number Three (Part One): Action equals answer. This shows something (or someone) moving toward one another. Venus in the 7th house often shows this, too (if you or the quesited is not Venus in the chart). You must understand the context of the question, and the reason they asked the question in the first place. Don’t make assumptions about what the querent is asking, either!

Don’t read a chart as: ‘First the Moon conjuncts Mars and then it sextiles Jupiter and then it squares Saturn and then it trines my planet! Unlike natal astrology, the action of the planets in a horary chart is vital to understanding what the answer is. In lost object horaries, which house is the 2nd house ruler in? A square can still mean a ‘yes’ if the planets are friendly to one another and are applying: this might mean ‘yes, but you’ll have to work hard for it’. Ask them whether they broke up already, or if they are actually looking for a job right now.

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