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It's currently unclear what is causing tonight's server issues, but no official word has come from the Xbox support team on Twitter."Having issues with party chat not connecting and I can't join online gaming sessions either for GTA." wrote one disgruntled Xbox users."It keeps kicking me back to Story mode saying servers are down been having this issue for a few days worse than normal." Another complained This follows the launch of a fantastic new feature to the Xbox One console earlier today, which fans have been demanding for years and years.

Amazing, this new feature is still unavailable to PS4 owners, much to fans annoyance.

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Yet this game is for MATURE children that DON' T have personal info floating around their device, e.g Bank Details.

We know there are plenty of webcam sites online, and so do you. We are a community of models, men and women who adore spending time together online.Thousands of Xbox One users are reporting that they are currently unable to access core online services this evening.Down Detector has also seen a huge spike in reports of users unable to user Xbox Live.A command inherited from e Athena, that would normally change the color of the invoker's clothes.However, the dye system used by e Athena and the dye system used by TMW content differ enough that this has no desirable effect. The sole purpose of this command is for it, and all arguments, to be implicitly logged (as with all commands listed here) along with all arguments.