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Other plywood pieces may be formed into simple or compound curves for use in furniture, boats, and aircraft.

The use of thin layers of wood as a means of construction dates to approximately 1500 when Egyptian craftsmen bonded thin pieces of dark ebony wood to the exterior of a cedar casket found in the tomb of King Tut-Ankh-Amon.

Until the late 1700s, the pieces of veneer were cut entirely by hand.

Give faded or stained white shirts new life with this adorable craft. Once it dries you'll have a beautifully funky planter.

The oldest known plans for a cigar box instrument, the Uncle Enos Banjo plans were written by Boy Scouts founder Daniel Carter Beard for a childrens magazine.

The finished product is a very playable 5-string banjo.

Find a spectacular show near you and watch the sky light up all summer long!

This activity offers a double does of entertainment: Kids will have fun making and (several hours later) savoring these colorful sweet treats.