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As you try it out for yourself, just do what feels more natural for you and the one you're most comfortable with. This doesn't work with necklaces though so don't even think about it.

These are the very basics that you should be familiar with. So go ahead and make eye contact with her, but don't just stare creepily. Chances are she'll take the wheel and ask you some questions about yourself too, but if she doesn't, just tell her some interesting things that have happened to you to keep things two-sided. Just something light like her shoulder or a handshake or her wrist. This actually really depends on what kind of girl you're looking for.

If she looks right back at you, you may want to smile and if she smiles back, you can approach her. You've got to decide what kind of girl you're into and do your research - find a place they frequent and linger around at.

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