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But then it goes off into all that, that's the kind of thing media jumps on. But not exactly alien lifeforms, let alone "thousands of different types of chimeras". But I bet no one would be more surprised than Alex Jones.But I know this: We see a bunch of mechanical wreckage on Mars and people say, "Oh look, it looks like mechanics." They go, "Oh, you're a conspiracy theorist." Clearly they don't want us looking into what is happening. [...] JONES: Well I don't know about Mars bases, but I know they have created massive, thousands of different types of chimeras that are alien lifeforms on this Earth now. He's a former CIA case officer and supporter of Donald Trump. But if history is any guide, those secret payloads are classified satellites and other tools that make spying on the entire world easier.

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As Matthew E he fashions club-based, dancefloor slayers.

Its well-intentioned muscular intensity making it perfect soulful sustenance. A collaboration with long-time musical sparring partner Joel Martin (a vinyl freak, like Mr Edwards, who works in esteemed auction house Christie’s pop department), it’s sample-based music which veers from drawn out disco-not-disco delirium to evocative, under-stated soundscapes. Last, but by no means least etc, etc, etc, is Radio Slave.

Perhaps Matt’s most instantly recognisable nom de guerre, thanks in part to his inspirational melding of Kylie’s Can’t Get You Out Of My Head to New Order’s Blue Monday, this is Matt’s DJ moniker and the guise under which he completes his incendiary remixes and re-edits.

In the master mode, a chat client is capable of initiating a chat session.

In the slave mode, a chat client is incapable of initiating a chat session and may participate only in a chat session initiated by another chat client operating in the master mode.