Updating a popcorn ceiling

The primary reward of DIY removal is the substantial monetary benefit.

Vaulted ceilings are usually built as “new-construction,” rather than remodeled into a house with conventional flat ceilings.

Asbestos-laden materials that do not move cannot spread those potentially deadly asbestos fibers in the air.

No federal law prohibits a homeowner from abating their house of asbestos, and it's doubtful that any state or local laws prevent this either.

It's dated, and unlike other styles from the 1960s Mad Men" era that have come back around, popcorn ceilings have escaped that kind of retro love. With its sharp peaks and deep depressions, you need a thick-nap roller, patience, and plenty of drop cloths in order to paint this type of ceiling.

But you do need to remove it as long as it remains solidly in place.