Updating electoral roll information

Ensuring that the information on the register is up-to-date and correct is important, not just for voting, but for helping to improve your chances of getting credit.

Changing your address on the electoral register is a relatively simple process that can be done via the government website.

Most jurisdictions maintain permanent electoral rolls while some jurisdictions compile new electoral rolls before each election.

In some jurisdictions, people to be selected for jury or other civil duties are chosen from an electoral roll.

In jurisdictions where voting is compulsory, the electoral roll is used to indicate who has failed to vote.You can register to vote online, alternatively print, complete and return a register to vote paper form.Everyone is responsible for registering themselves and by law you must register to vote or you could be fined. Contact us if you need to check whether your name is already on the electoral register – it can take up to 5 working days (from receiving your application) for your details to be registered.The electoral roll (also called an electoral register or poll book) is a list of persons who are eligible to vote in a particular electoral district and who are registered to vote, if required in a particular jurisdiction.An electoral roll has a number of functions, especially to streamline voting on election day.