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All classes and libraries have been migrated from Geo Framework 2.0 and GPS. Net 3.0 projects will remain on Code Plex for legacy purposes, but all future development will take place within the Dot Spatial project. In 2009, Jon Person decided to release the source code for this library in order to assist the open source community.

Code Plex is shutting down, is archived to github.com/neuecc/And keep developing on forked repository github.com/mihaifm/linq Project Description - LINQ for Java Script Features 90 Methods Aggregate, All, Alternate, Any, Average, Buffer With Count, Cascade Breadth First, Cascade Depth First, Catch, Choice, Concat, Contains, Count, Cycle, Default If Empty, Distinct, Do, Element At, Element At Or Default, Empty, Except, Finally, First, First Or Default, Flatten, For Each, Force, From, Generate, Get Enumerator, Group By, Group Join, Index Of, Insert, Intersect, Join, Last, Last Index Of, Last Or Default, Let, Matches, Max, Max By, Memoize All, Min, Min By, Of Type, Order By, Order By Descending, Pairwise, Partition By, Range, Range Down, Range To, Repeat, Repeat With Finalize, Return, Reverse, Scan, Select, Select Many, Sequence Equal, Share, Shuffle, Single, Single Or Default, Skip, Skip While, Sum, Take, Take Except Last, Take From Last, Take While, Then By, Then By Descending, To Array, To Dictionary, To Infinity, To JSON, To Lookup, To Negative Infinity, To Object, To String, Trace, Unfold, Union, Where, Write, Write Line, Zip Get the ver.3.0.4-Beta5 @2013/06/20 or Nu Get Install-Package -Pre, linq.js-j Query -Pre, linq.js-Rx JS -Pre, linq.js-QUnit -Pre Now Type Script Generics(0.9) support! A Visual Fox Pro Community effort to create open source add-ons for Visual Fox Pro 9.0.The code, classes, and libraries made available here are the result of a community-based effort to support and extend Visual Fox Pro.Then I encounter this bug; Error: $controller:ctrlreg A controller with this name is not registered. I am new in angular js, I am using a template for learning angular js. Using ng-include I am calling my file which contains my menu. I'm having issues with getting angular ui bootstrap to work in my single page angular 1.5 app.I'm serving the app with gulpjs and I'm not getting any errors. I am trying to integrate Ionic's ion-infinite-scroll element into an existing web app.